Merchants & Vendors

Trademark Information

Theta Delta Sigma Society owns the trademark rights to our name, Greek letters, crest, badge, talisman, and other items. We protect those trademarks because we are proud of the Theta Delta Sigma brand and want to ensure that all products bearing our name is in good taste and of good quality.

Theta Things, our in-house product directory, is the most trusted source for Theta Delta Sigma merchandise and vendors. Members can help ensure proper use of Theta Delta Sigma’s symbols by purchasing merchandise through Theta Things or from another approved vendor.

Official Jeweler of Theta Delta Sigma

As the official jeweler, Herff Jones provides both the Theta Delta Sigma badge and chapter guards. Herff Jones also offers Greek jewelry and gift items such as lavalieres, officer dangles and other accessories to symbolize and celebrate a lifetime of meaningful membership. Members looking to purchase a Theta Delta Sigma badge must contact the National Vice President of Membership for details.

How to contact Theta Delta Sigma if you’d like to do business with us.

If you’re interested in providing services or products to Theta Delta Sigma, please send an email inquiry to connect with our Vice President of Membership and Marketing. If you’re doing work for us and want to use our name, logo or image, you must follow our brand standards.