Traditional Programs

Founders' Day

On the 15th of every April, each chapter of Theta Delta Sigma celebrates the founding of the Society and honors the fourteen Founders. This day is known as Founders' Day and is usually celeberated by private and/or public activities.


Celebrated in conjunction with Founders' Day, ThetaWeekSM is an annual program that helps to further awareness of Theta Delta Sigma and to share the values of our organization with the community through intentional programs. Though the ThetaWeekSM theme will change from year to year, typical activities include leadership training, community service, diversity education, and social events designed to bring together the communities in which we serve.

Days of DiversitySM

Theta Delta Sigma is the proud sponsor of our annual Days of DiversitySM; a series of events, which are held by each collegiate chapter during the fall semester. Every chapter participates by sponsoring a variety of educational programs and other activities that promote awareness of various diversity topics. Chapters are encouraged to select activities and themes for their Days of DiversitySM that appeals to their interest and the interest of their campus community.