Partner Programs

Though Theta Delta Sigma has a variety of its own programs and initiatives, we also paricipate in several other initiatives as well. We are always looking for ways to partner on new initiatives and would love to hear from those that would like to work with us. Currently, Theta Delta Sigma sponsors programming to support the following partner initiatives:

National Diversity Week

National Diversity Week was founded in order to raise awareness about the diversity which has shaped and continues to shape the United States. Officially, National Diversity Week falls in the first full week of October, though it is sometimes observed at other times of the year, and is celebrated across the US.

During this week, we celebrate the differences and multiple viewpoints that make the world great. Chapters often commemorate the week with a series of programs, panel discussions, workshops and other gatherings on topics related to diversity. The result is wide-spread enlightenment about the invaluable work done by people of color, women, GLBT, and disabled individuals in our society at every level.

Theta Delta Sigma is a proud advocate of National Diversity Week. We hope to bring National Diversity Week into the public consciousness on a nation-wide scale as a means to celebrate the differences that have changed our nation for the better.

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National Hazing Prevention Week

National Hazing Prevention Week is an opportunity for campuses, schools, communities, organizations, and individuals to promote the prevention of hazing. Theta Delta Sigma encourages each chapter to develop programming to address this issue and to promote a healthier membership experience. Though nationally it is observed during the last week of September, a chapter should host their week whenever it is most convenient in the chapter’s calendar. For each chapter or member, the experience is their own, but the important thing is that Theta Delta Sigma is doing something to prevent hazing!

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National Ritual Celebration Week

Theta Delta Sigma has partnered with our friends from Phi Mu Women’s Fraternity to participate in National Ritual Celebration Week, an annual initiative to encourage members of fraternities and sororities to reflect on the Ritual that makes each organization unique and recommit themselves to living the Ritual and their organizational values every day.

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