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Welcome, potential member! We are excited that you are interested in learning more about Theta Delta Sigma. Whether or not to join a fraternity or sorority while attending college is a major decision. Not as major as choosing a major but it is a decision that deserves your utmost consideration. It shouldn't be hard to see that Theta Delta Sigma is different from your "typical" college fraternity or sorority. Though Theta Delta Sigma is anyone, it is not for everyone. Who should be a Theta? Well, we are looking for well-rounded individuals:

  • who can lead others.
  • who want to help others.
  • who know how to have fun.
  • who will make great new Siblings.

How do I Join a Theta Delta Sigma Chapter?

Theta Delta Sigma practices 365-day recruitment. This does not mean that people can join Theta Delta Sigma any day of the year but, it does mean that our members are always open to meeting potential members and sharing information. Typically, Theta Delta Sigma chapters have "Rush" at the start of each academic term to signify that the chapter has started the official intake process. Every college or university has different policies and procedures for joining fraternities and sororities so the process may differ slightly from campus to campus. For this reason, we recommend contacting the local chapter to inquire about membership and when the next intake process will take place.

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What is Rush (Recruitment)?

Rush is one of the most exciting times of the year. We are so thrilled to meet individuals who are interested in enriching their college experience as a member of Theta Delta Sigma. Rush also allows us to share with you what makes our Siblinghood so unique. It is a time where we can show a potential member a glimpse of our bond, enthusiasm, and passion for each other and Theta. During Rush, potential members get to participate in a variety of chapter-sponsored activities for free. Though participation is not mandatory for all events, it is important to know which events are required as part of the official intake process so that you can be considered for membership. It is highly encouraged that you attend as many events as possible, beyond those required, so that the chapter can get to know you and you can decide whether or not Theta Delta Sigma is right for you. Additionally, chapters are more likely to extend membership invitations to individuals who have participated in the activities and demonstrate strong interest in Theta Delta Sigma. 

What is Intake?

Intake is the official membership selection process of Theta Delta Sigma and is held in conjunction with Rush. This process helps to ensure that each interested individual is considered fairly and that invitation decisions are based on character and merit. Though the timeline varies, each chapter is required to follow each step of the process. Potential members should notify us if it is believed that the chapter has failed to follow this process.

The Intake Process

1: Inquire

The first and most important step to potentially joining Theta Delta Sigma is to inquire about membership. Please reach out to us to let us know that you are interested in learning more about or organization and are considering membership. Once we receive your inquiry, someone will be in touch to discuss next steps.

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2: Informational

Collegiate chapters hold Informational meetings several times throughout the year to introduce Theta Delta Sigma to interested individuals. Though each chapter may conduct Informationals differently, the general purpose of the Informational is to provide an opportunity to meet the members of the chapter and to learn more about Theta Delta Sigma. This is also the chance to ask questions and to get a better understanding of what Theta Delta Sigma membership entails. Participation in an Informational is non-binding and there is never any obligation to join.
Participation in one (1) Informational is REQUIRED to be considered eligible to apply for membership. Chapters are expected to host at least two (2) Informationals during each recruitment period to accommodate varying schedules.

3: Interest

Following the Informational Meeting, the chapter will share the Interest Application with all interested individuals. It is imperative that the application is completed and submitted by the deadline established by the chapter to receive full consideration. The Interest Application will be used to determine a potential members eligiblity and which individuals should be invited for an interview.  Submission of an application does not guarantee selection for an interview.

4: Interview

After successfully completing an Interest Application, the chapter will extend invitations to those individuals who have been selected to participate in an interview. It is important to remember that the interview is mutual process and that potential members are encouraged to use part of the interview time to ask any questions that they may have. Potential members should come to the interview fully prepared and dressed to impress. The length of the interview varies but potential members should anticipate spending approximately 30 minutes in the interview.

5: Invitational

Shortly after the interviews, no more than 72 hours, the chapter will notify all individuals of its decision. Individuals receiving invitations will have a limited amount of time to officially accept the invitation before it expires. Individuals not receiving an invitation will be eligible to reapply as early as the following semester.