Anti-Hazing Policy

Statement on New Member Education

Theta Delta Sigma is a Siblinghood founded upon the values of leadership, diversity, unity, and respect. The practice or tolerance of hazing has no place in our Siblinghood. Theta Delta Sigma supports purposeful pledging and believes that individuals must learn and earn their way into membership through intentional educational experiences and, most importantly, safe activities. Therefore:

  • Theta Delta Sigma has ZERO TOLERANCE for any form of hazing and believes that to do so would work against the ties of friendship and loyalty we aim to create.
  • Theta Delta Sigma defines hazing as any practice that endangers or may potentially endanger the level of Siblinghood within the Society or the well-being of another individual regardless of their willingness to participate in such activity.
  • Theta Delta Sigma mandates that any activity outside of the standardized associate member orientation program must be approved by the National Board and be in adherence with all national standards, local regulations, state and federal laws.
  • Theta Delta Sigma enforces a strict "hands-off" policy during the associate period. Initiated members are not to engage in relations with associates.
  • Theta Delta Sigma Society, Inc. adopts and supports the FIPG Risk Management Policy and requires that all collegiate chapters review the current edition of the FIPG Risk Management Manual annually.
  • Any chapter, member, or associate who hazes or allows themselves or other to be hazed will be subject to disciplinary action which may include termination of membership and revocation of the chapter charter.
  • Any member or candidate, who feels they have been hazed or has knowledge of any hazing activity, should report such behavior to the National Board immediately. All reports will be handled promptly and confidentially.

Incident Report Form

Additionally, the Society encourages collegiate member participation in campus-based National Hazing Prevention Week activities each September and provides resources to support chapters that host their own anti-hazing initiatives during the week to address the seriousness of hazing.

hazing hotline

Anti-Hazing Resources

If you find yourself or someone you know in a situation that could be defined as hazing, please take advantage of these resources: