Spotlight: Genesis

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Sibling Profile
  • Name: Jamel Catoe
  • Chapter: Alpha, University at Buffalo
  • Initiated: Spring 2001
  • Chapter Number: 2
  • Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Office Positions: (Current) Natonal Vice President of Membership & Marketing; (Past) National President, National Director of Expansion, Chapter President, and New Member Educator

What is your most memorable Theta moment?

In being a Theta for as long as as I have (13 years), there are so many moments that come to mind. However, what stands out to me are those moments, as a collegian and alumnus, where the sense of Siblinghood has been the strongest. Over the years, I have had the privilege of traveling with Theta(s) and each one of those experiences have been incredible. Whether it's going on an interstate road trip with siblings to meet individuals interested in starting a chapter or traveling internationally for sibling's destination wedding, so many fond memories are made during these time. I feel that you never really get to know your siblings until you've traveled with them. If anyone wants to take a trip, let me know. I'm always up for an adventure!

How has being a Theta impacted your life?

I got my undergraduate degree in Communication but, I majored in Theta Delta Sigma. Well not literally, but through the years Theta Delta Sigma has played a significant part of my life. In fact, I made a career out of it. It was because of my experience as a collegian that I decided to pursue a career in higher education and student affairs after graduating from college. Though I vaguely considered prior to graduation, Student Affairs wasn't something that I actually pursued until my Little, John "Evolution" Jabalde (Beta-Charter), suggested I apply for a student activities position at Stony Brook University. Unfortunately, I didn't meet all of the qualifications for the position but it did motivate me to enroll in a Student Affairs graduate program. Very few people can say that they love what they do; I'm glad that I'm one of them.

I heard that you're a Greek Advisor, what's that about?

Actually, I prefer "fraternity & sorority" advisor. Ever since 2005, I have worked on college campuses as an advisor to fraternities, sororities, and Greek councils. Sometimes, for those outside of the profession, it's hard to understand exactly what it is that we do. To sum it up, leaders from various organizations meet with me to discuss the goals that they have for their organization and I provide information, resources, and services that support their success. I spend a lot of time planning events, overseeing processes, developing educational programs, and having conversations that challenge the way some members of the community live their values.

How would you advise new members to succeed as Siblings of Theta Delta Sigma?

I believe that everyone is looking for something different in Theta Delta Sigma so there isn't one "road" to success. However, the most important thing is for each individual to make the most of their membership experience by getting involved in the various activities at both the chapter and national level and stepping-up to take on leadership opportunities that we offer. Like with many things in life, "you get out of it what you put in" but I think it is even more true for Theta Delta Sigma. New members that are passionate and involved will have a true Theta experience.