Theta 2021: Our Strategic Plan

The Theta 2021 Strategic Plan represents a broad framework that will be used by Theta Delta Sigma chapters, national leadership, and all members to develop specific plans responsive to the needs of each component. This plan was contributed to and developed to provide a common organization-wide strategic direction that meets the needs of the national organization and its local components. It both represents the unique nature of each member and chapter served, and unites all of Theta Delta Sigma behind common strategies, initiatives, and objectives that are critical in fulfilling Theta Delta Sigma's mission.

Based on an analysis of the current environment, including the input of our alumni and collegiate members, other key stakeholders, and our friends within the fraternal community, Theta Delta Sigma will focus on the following five strategic priorities:

Member Involvement

Theta Delta Sigma will propel growth in all areas of membership to provide for the long-term health and stability of the Society.

Organizational Operations

Theta Delta Sigma will develop solid operations on all levels to enhance the overall advancement of the Society.

Educational Development

Theta Delta Sigma will establish educational opportunities to support the personal development of its members and to cultivate leaders.

Public Relations

Theta Delta Sigma will increase organizational visibility and elevate the reputation of the Society.

Fiscal Affairs

Theta Delta Sigma will maxmize resources and improve the financial position of the Society.